How Do You Stop Your Dog From Shedding?

How Do You Stop Your Dog From Shedding?

Shedding cannot be stopped completely, but fur loss can be minimized by regularly brushing your dog's fur and ensuring your dog is healthy. Most dogs shed extensively twice a year, although dogs that live mostly inside shed at a consistent rate throughout the year.

  1. Care for the dog's fur

    Regularly brush your dog's fur. If shedding is excessive, brush its fur as often as every day. Consult your dog's veterinarian for the best brush for your dog's hair type. Use a dog shampoo that is nourishing to encourage healthy fur growth and minimal shedding.

  2. Ensure proper nutrition

    Make sure your dog eats highly nutritious food. Feed your dog food that lists a type of meat as the first ingredient and does not contain many additives. Add omega-3 or omega-6 in the form of flaxseed oil or supplements to your dog's food to keep its coat healthy.

  3. Take a trip to the veterinarian

    Take your dog to the veterinarian if the fur loss seems more excessive than seasonal shedding. Stress or underlying medical issues may be causing hair loss. A veterinarian can advise the correct course of treatment for issues such as irritation, parasites or serious diseases that may be causing excessive fur shedding.