How Do You Stop Your Dog's Skin and Scratching Problems?


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To stop a dog's scratching and skin problems, visit the veterinarian to determine the cause, check the dog's food, give supplements and medication, and groom and bathe carefully. The two main causes of skin irritation, namely allergies and dry skin, can be treated with ease.

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  1. See the vet

    A veterinarian can determine the cause of a dog's itching and scratching. Once the root of the problem is diagnosed, make changes to the dog's care and lifestyle to stop the irritation. Prescriptions are sometimes required, and veterinarians provide high-quality food and supplements for pet owners.

  2. Check the dog's food

    Quality dog food can reduce itching and scratching. If a dog is allergic to grains or is not being fed proper food, the skin suffers. Look for foods that are meat-based, organic and grain-free. In some cases, dogs require prescription formula foods from the vet's office.

  3. Give supplements and medication

    Adding supplements to the dog's food can be very helpful in ending scratching and skin problems. Probiotics are effective, and fish oil and ground flax seed help to control allergy symptoms and improve hot spots. Antihistamines stop allergic reactions, reducing the itching.

  4. Groom and bathe carefully

    Look for non-drying or hypoallergenic dog shampoos. Plain water can also be used to bathe the dog. Avoid using high heat when drying the fur to prevent irritation. Eliminate any fleas or other parasites that may cause itching and scratching.

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