How Do You Stop a Dog From Barking at Night?

stop-dog-barking-night Credit: John Lund/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

There are several different strategies you can try for dealing with a dog that will not stop barking. Possible techniques include removal of the stimulus, associating the stimulus with positive rewards, ignoring the barking, teaching the dog commands and exercising your dog, You will need knowledge of the training techniques, an ample supply of treats for your dog, patience and time. Because your dog may respond to some methods and not others depending on the reason your dog is barking, keep trying different techniques until you find one that works for you and your dog.

  1. Remove the stimulus

    If your dog is barking repeatedly at the same object or person, try removing it from his line of sight if possible. For example, close the curtains to block his view of passersby.

  2. Associate the stimulus with rewards

    If it is not possible to remove the stimulus from your dog's view, try moving it closer to him gradually, and reward him when it is in sight. The trick is to get him to associate the stimulus with good things, so he does not feel threatened by it.

  3. Ignore your dog's barking

    It is possible your dog is barking as a way to get your attention. Do not give it to him. Ignore him completely until he stops barking, then reward his silence with a treat. Teach him that the only way to get a reward is through silence. Remember to stay patient, and never yell at your dog for misbehavior. He will pick up on your frustration and become more agitated himself.

  4. Teach your dog the "quiet" command

    One method for controlling your dog's barking is to teach him to "speak" on command. Then, when he has that command mastered, teach him the "quiet" command. Your dog learns that you are in control, and eventually he will stop barking upon request.

  5. Exercise your dog

    A dog sometimes releases energy through barking. A tired dog is more likely to remain quiet and not bark at random people and objects. Take your dog on a daily walk, and play games with him to use up some energy and keep him quiet at night.