How Do You Stop Your Dog From Barking?

How Do You Stop Your Dog From Barking?

To end your dog's problem barking, approach your dog with a calm assertive presence and hush the dog until he submits. Position your body as a wall between a stimulus that is repeatedly associated with problem barking as you hush the dog.

  1. Maintain a calm presence

    As you address your dog for problematic barking, maintain a calm, firm tone. Dogs pick up on the energy that people give off including frustration. As you approach your dog's barking maintain a posture that lets your dog know that you are in charge of the situation.

  2. Shush the barking dog

    Select a look, a sound or a touch that indicates to your dog he must stop barking. Maintain the act of addressing your dog until he takes a submissive posture. Submission is achieved when your dog moves away or lies down. Do not end the correction prior to your dog's submission, or barking is likely to resume.

  3. Take control of the stimulus

    When the dog barks repeatedly at an object, person, or situation, take command of the stimulus. If your dog barks repeatedly at the sound of the doorbell, place yourself between the dog and the doorway. Maintain the barrier between your dog and the doorway with calm assertiveness until your dog submits and moves away. Combine this action with a shushing sound or look as well.

  4. Consistently address the behavior

    Be consistent in the manner that you address your dog's barking. Provide additional exercise such as daily walks to provide opportunities for your dog to expend excess energy. This additional activity helps to reduce problem behaviors in the home.