Is Stomach Bloat in Dogs Deadly?


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Stomach bloat kills 25 to 40 percent of dogs that develop the condition, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Bloat, the common term for gastric dilation and volvulus, occurs when a dog's stomach becomes overfilled with gas or food. The cause is unknown.

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The symptoms of bloat include drooling, restlessness and unsuccessful attempts to vomit. Bloated dogs require immediate veterinary attention, states WebMD. To treat bloat, veterinarians first relieve pressure in the distended stomach and then treat any symptoms of shock and disturbances to heart rhythm, according to Veterinary Partner. Surgery to assess internal damage, remove dead or damaged tissue, and immobilize the stomach is the second treatment step.

Bloat recurs in only 6 percent of dogs that are treated surgically, compared to a 76 percent recurrence rate in dogs that receive decompression treatment only, states Veterinary Partner.

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