What Are Some Facts About Stingrays?


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Stingrays are Myliobatiformes, a group of fish whose skeletons are made out of cartilage, not bone. Stingrays usually live in shallow, tropical and sub-tropical waters of temperate seas, including waters around Tahiti and Belize.

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What Are Some Facts About Stingrays?
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A stingray's eyes are situated on the top of the head; however, its nostrils, gill slits and mouth are positioned along its underbelly. Like their shark cousins, the mouths of stingrays are encircled with ampullae of Lorenzini, or sensors that detect the electrical charges of potential food sources.

Many of the eight classifications of stingrays have jaw teeth that allow them to crush and eat mollusks, such as oysters, mussels and clams. Some stingrays also have barbed stingers along their tails that provide them with a self-defense mechanism. Stingrays spend most of their time lying dormant, partially buried in the sand along the seafloor -- a tactic that camouflages them from predatory rays and sharks, according to National Geographic.

The stingray mating procedure involves the male stingray placing two of his claspers into the valve of a female stingray. When the gestation process is complete, the female stingray gives birth to a litter of five to 12 live stingrays. Female stingrays can store a male stingray's sperm for up to 2 years.

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