How Do You Start Beekeeping?


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To start beekeeping, check local regulations, select an appropriate location, and build your hive stands; then purchase protective gear, a smoker, and the bee boxes and frames for the hive. Finally, select your preferred variety of bees, and purchase a package of them to install in the colony.

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  1. Check local laws and regulations

    Before proceeding any further, find out if beekeeping is legal where you live, and what are the requirements. If it is legal and your space fits the requirements, ask family and neighbors if they are allergic to bees and comfortable with their presence.

  2. Find a location on your property

    Look for a spot on your property that is screened by plants or an another building such as a garage. A tall hedge row or building is helpful because it forces the bees to fly up and away from human height. Be sure to follow any local guidelines when selecting a location for the colony, especially if you live in the city or have close neighbors.

  3. Construct hive stands

    To keep hives 18 inches off of the ground, lay down cinder blocks, and place 2- by 4-inch wood planks across the blocks.

  4. Buy the required gear and equipment

    To protect yourself from bee stings, purchase protective gear, including gloves, a suit and a hat with a veil. Get a smoker to use to calm and focus the bees while you are working. To create a hive, purchase one or more bee boxes and the frames that fit into them.

  5. Get the bees

    Once the hive is set up, purchase a package of bees from a local bee keeper, or check the online listings of beekeeping magazines and websites.

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