How Do I Start an Aussiedoodle Rescue?

How Do I Start an Aussiedoodle Rescue?

To set up a pet rescue center, start by setting realistic financial goals for housing, staffing and screening. Starting with a specific breed such as the Aussie-doodle narrows the rescue's mission. However, rules should be set in place for what breeds are accepted into the rescue.

  1. Lay out rules for intake

    Determine which kind of breeds you are willing to accept into the rescue. Aussie-doodles are relatively rare, so state whether or not your rescue accepts other Australian shepherd or poodle mixes. Limit the rescue's region to a small area at first.

  2. Set up housing

    Build or purchase kennels for the Aussie-doodles to stay in with a large accompanying fenced area. Alternatively, advertise for families willing to foster an Aussie-doodle until a more permanent home is found.

  3. Raise funds to support the rescue

    Throw a small dog-related party or an event with a low-entrance fee, and attract local dog-lovers. Partner with large organizations or pet stores to raise awareness for your shelter, and interest donors. Do not rely on adoption fees to cover the cost of caring for the Aussie-doodles.

  4. Advertise to find potential pet owners

    Place photos and descriptions of the dogs that need homes on websites, such as Petfinder and Save a Pet. Contact a local pet store to see if it will advertise for you as well.