What Standards Do American Shorthair Breeders Follow?


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The basic standards that American Shorthair breeders follow involve making sure that the cat breed remains medium in size, weight, bone density and muscularity. Other traits include the shape of the eyes, face and head. Breed standards require short, thick fur with a hard texture.

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The ideal size for an adult American Shorthair is between 11 and 15 pounds for the male and between 6 and 12 pounds for the female. Proportionally, the head should be slightly longer than it is wide. The muzzle should also be medium to short and appear square with a strong chin.

The eyes should be wide-set with a medium to large size in proportion to the rest of the head. The eye shape should be rounded but not completely round; the bottom lid of the eye should be round, but the top lid should have an almond shape. The ears should also be medium in size and have rounded tips. The ears should be set twice as far apart as the eyes.

Overall, American Shorthair breeders try for these traits, but there is no specifically defined look for the American Shorthair, as long as the cat is well-balanced and the features meet the medium standard.

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