What Are Some of the Standard Top 100 Male Dog Names?

standard-top-100-male-dog-names Credit: Purple Collar Pet Photography/Moment/Getty Images

The top male dog names of 2013 were Max, Bailey, Charlie and Buddy. Rocky, Jake and Jack were close runners-up. The top 10 male dog names also include Toby, Runner and Buster. Other dog names included in the top-100 list were Duke, Cooper, Riley, Bear and Harley. Tucker, Lucky and Sam made the list as did Oliver, Bentley and Gizmo.

Some of the popular names in the middle of the top 100 list include Dakota, Romeo and Sparky. Louie, Milo and Sampson are on the list as well. Some dog owners report using their sense of humor to name their companions, while others select names that sound pleasing when called. Experts advise against giving dogs names that sound like commands, such as Fletch, which sounds too close to "fetch" and has the potential to confuse the dog. Simple one- or two-syllable names are easiest for dogs to understand.

Male dogs made up 44 percent of all dogs named in 2013. None of the names chosen for top baby boy names were chosen for the top dog names. Some of the top names chosen for female dogs included Bella, Lucy, Molly and Daisy. Top names for female dogs did not overlap with top names for female infants during the year either.