What Do Spotted Salamanders Eat?


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In the wild, spotted salamanders feed on worms, crickets, spiders, slugs, millipedes, centipedes and various other insects. Spotted salamanders are nocturnal, which means that they sleep during the day and hunt for their food during the night. During the day, spotted salamanders hide in subterranean areas.

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Pet spotted salamanders feed mainly on a diet of earthworms and crickets, which can be purchased at any pet store. Although they aren't very picky about their food, they are carnivorous creatures, which means that they only eat animal products. Pet owners should feed spotted salamanders a few times throughout the week. Some spotted salamanders may have more demanding diets, so checking with a veterinarian is recommended. Remove uneaten food from the tank promptly.

Because salamanders do not ingest water like most creatures, it's important to mist the tank on a daily basis. The substrate should also be sprayed with chlorine-free water until there are shallow pools available. The substrate should remain consistently damp, but it must not get overly saturated. This allows the salamander to absorb water through its skin as well as through an opening near its pelvis. The substrate should be checked regularly for mold and cleaned on a monthly basis.

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