How Do You Splint a Broken Toe on a Dog's Paw?

Splinting a dog's broken toe requires applying a dressing and padding to the surface of the injured area, placing a splint over the area to be protected, then applying more layers of bandage material, says VCA Animal Hospitals. The metal, wood or plastic splint can be curved or straight.

Splints provide protection and support to an injured area while preventing movement of the injured part, notes VCA Animal Hospitals. A splint also helps protect the underlying tissues from self-trauma, such as licking, which delays healing and may promote infection. When used to support a broken bone, a splint immobilizes the joints above and below the fracture.

Fractures of the toe bones are usually the result of trauma, such as an accident or a bite wound, and often produce a severe lameness in the affected limb and swelling of the toe, according to There are four toes on a dog's foot, and fractures in the middle two toes are more likely to lead to lameness. Once the splint is applied, the dog's activity needs to be limited for several weeks. The splint needs to be redressed or changed approximately every two weeks or sooner if it becomes wet or soiled.