How Do Spiders Spin Their Webs?

Spiders spin their webs by releasing silk from a special gland called a spinneret in their abdomen and weaving it into intricate patterns that are able to catch insects. Webs can also be used to help hide freshly laid eggs and for protection from predators of spiders.

There are many different types of spiders throughout the world and the type of web that is present is an indicator of the type of spider that made it. Each spider has a certain type of web that they make and it is easy to identify the type of spider that is present by simply knowing the different types of webs. The most common spider webs are orb spiders that produce the commonly referred to orb web. Spiders can also make tunnel webs and cobwebs. Funnel webs look like silk bird nests and cobwebs have no pattern to them, but hang in long strings and balls of silk.

When a spider wants to build a web, they will simply squirt the liquid silk out of their spinneret gland. This material remains liquid until it hits the air where it hardens into the sticky, silk substance that is commonly found. Spiders use their spinneret to make silk whether they are building a nest for protection, food or to hold their eggs. Some spiders do not build webs at all, but still have the gland to help make small nests for living environments and protection.