What Are Some Spiders That Live in Northeast Pennsylvania?

What Are Some Spiders That Live in Northeast Pennsylvania?

Spiders living in Pennsylvania include the orchard orbweaver, grass spider, hacklemesh weaver and the black-and-yellow garden spider. Pennsylvania is also home to North America's largest wolf spider, the Carolina wolf spider.

Pennsylvania is the home to several different spider species, some of which are venomous. The green lynx spider spits venom in self defense and the spitting spider spits venom into its webs to immobilize its prey. The southern black widow spider is also venomous, but avoids confrontation with humans unless defending itself.

The Carolina wolf spider grows to be around 1 to 1.5-inches long, not including its leg span. It hunts actively at night and the males may wander inside while looking for a mate.

The orchard orbweaver is a colorful spider with hues of silver, white or green on its abdomen. Besides Pennsylvania, these spiders also live in Arizona and California. The orbweaver gets its name due to its orb-shaped web.

The green lynx spider gets its name due to its bright green color. This is a large spider that is very fast and primarily lives in bushes and shrubs.

The black-and-yellow garden spider lives in gardens along forest edges and in old fields. It has a dark black-and-yellow pattern on its back, which makes it look intimidating to predators.

Other spiders common to Pennsylvania include the banded garden spider, ant mimic spider, long-legged sac spider, six-spotted fishing spider and the dark fishing spider.