What Are Some Spiders in Las Vegas?


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Many spiders inhabit the Las Vegas area and the surrounding desert. Most are harmless to humans, but bites from two species, black widows and brown recluses, can cause serious health problems. Spiders play an important role in Las Vegas ecosystems, as they help control insect populations.

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Both black widows and brown recluses are secretive spiders that are often encountered around human dwellings. Though most people who are bitten fully recover, children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems may experience more severe reactions to the spiders’ venom.

Garden spiders are frequently seen in residential areas, gardens and forested areas near Las Vegas. Also called “writing spiders,” in reference to their large and impressive webs, garden spiders use these large webs to capture flying insects. Tarantulas are also common around the Las Vegas area. Tarantulas are generally harmless, but, if pestered, they can deliver a painful bite. Las Vegas is also home to crab spiders, wolf spiders and orb-weaving spiders.

Other arachnids inhabit the Las Vegas area, including scorpions and sun spiders. Despite their name, sun spiders, which are also called camel spiders, are not spiders at all, though they do resemble them. Although sun spiders have no venom, their bites can cause localized tissue damage.

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