What Are Some Spiders Found in Michigan?

What Are Some Spiders Found in Michigan?

Some of the spiders found in Michigan are the grass spider, the hacklemesh weaver, the cross orbweaver, the black and yellow garden spider, the banded garden spider, the ant mimic spider and the long-legged sac spider, according to the Spiders. US website. Of the spider species found in Michigan, only the black widow and the brown recluse are poisonous, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

The following is select list of spider species typically found in Michigan, as compiled from the Spiders United States website.

  • Dark fishing spider
  • These spiders are very large and do not spin webs.

  • Six-spotted fishing spider
  • This spider has six spots on its back and is often found near water.

  • Woodlouse hunter
  • The woodlouse hunter is orange in color and has long jaws. It does not spin a web.

  • Eastern parson spider
  • This spider has a black and white pattern.

  • Carolina wolf spider
  • This is the largest species of wolf spider found in the United States. It hunts at night and ambushes its prey from a burrow.

  • Southern black widow
  • These spiders have a red hourglass shape on their belly. They are poisonous but do not usually bite humans unless they are provoked.

  • Tan jumping spider
  • These spiders are often found on walls and attack their prey by pouncing onto them.