Do Spiders Die After Laying Eggs?

Many spiders do die in the autumn, not long after laying eggs, but there are also some spiders that live through winter and mate in the spring before dying and some that live for many years. Female garden spiders generally live no more than a year but can produce egg sacs containing several hundred eggs.

For the most part, spiders do not live for more than 2 years; however, some tarantulas have been recorded living for up to 25 years in captivity. The hatchlings generally hatch in spring after the advent of warmer weather. Some may hatch during fall or winter but will wait in the egg sac until it is warm enough to venture out.

The egg sacs may be situated on a web created by their mother, and this enables the spiders to eat prey that has already been caught. While some small spiders are young they will climb to a high part of their surroundings, such as up a tree branch or a fence. When there, they tilt their spinnerets into the air and the breeze starts to pull silk threads. Because the spider is still small and light, when the silk gets to a certain length, the wind will pull the spider with the silk.