How Do Spider Monkeys Survive in a Rainforest?

Spider monkeys survive in the rainforest by living in the canopy of the forest, where fruits and seeds are abundant and many predators cannot reach. They use their powerful, long limbs to swing from one tree to another at high speed. They also use their tail to hang suspended.

Spider monkeys are incredibly agile animals that appear like spiders when hanging upside down with their hooked-shaped hands, thus earning them their name. They typically have black, red, brown, tan or golden fur. They rely heavily on their sharp binocular vision for survival. They can grow up to 2 feet in height, while their tails can grow to 2 to 3 feet in length. They are found in Central and South America.

Unlike other monkeys, each of their hands has four fingers only and no thumb. Their muscular tail serves as an additional limb that allows them to climb trees and pick up food. They collect food using their hands while swinging by the tail.

Aside from fruits and seeds, the diet of spider monkeys includes leaves, flowers, roots, bark, decaying wood, honey and insects. They spend most of their lifetime up in the trees and rarely go down to the ground. Most groups live in enormous trees that are full of fruits. They often form smaller groups when food is scarce.