What Are Some Species of Wild Cats?


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Some species of wild cats are the serval, the ocelot and the fishing cat. The serval lives in Africa, mainly on the Savannah. Its long neck and long legs gave it its name, which means "giraffe cat." The serval is an ambush predator, and when it senses prey nearby, it leaps out from the grasses where it hides and grabs it.

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What Are Some Species of Wild Cats?
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The ocelot is a cat that lives in South America. It resembles a small leopard, and its scientific name is Leopardus pardalis. Its coat is so beautiful that the ocelot was hunted until it became endangered. Now, it is largely protected and has a conservation status of "least concern." The ocelot hunts at dusk or at night and has very large eyes to help it see in the darkness. It weighs between 19 to 35 pounds and is between 26 to 38 inches long. The males are larger than the females.

The fishing cat is a robust cat from Asia with short legs, small, round ears and a pelt of black stripes and spots. As its name implies, some of the cat's diet is made of fish. It also eats frogs, aquatic birds, snails and small mammals.

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