Which Species of Whales Are Considered Endangered?

As of 2015, endangered species of whales are the blue whale, the fin whale, the sei whale and the North Atlantic right whale, according to the World Wildlife Fund. The major threats to these whale species include habitat loss, climate change and the continuation of whaling despite the whales being protected. Whales are also affected by commercial fishermen, as they tend to get tangled in fishing gear.

The blue whale is both the largest and loudest animal on the planet. It lives around Southern Chile, the Gulf of California and the Coral Triangle. Throughout the 20th century, extensive commercial whaling greatly diminished the blue whale population. Although commercial whaling was banned in 1966, the Soviet Union has continued to exploit the blue whale population.

The North Atlantic right whale has a dark grey body and white calluses on its head. It largely occupies coastal waters. Some scientists believe that the North Atlantic right whale is extinct in the eastern North Atlantic and only continues to exist along the coasts of Canada and the United States.

The fin whale is the second largest mammal on the planet. It has a distinct ridge along its back and lives around the Gulf of California, the Coral Triangle and the arctic. The sei whale is one of the fastest whales. It resides in all of the world's oceans and adjoining seas, except in tropical and polar regions.