How Do You Find Spaniels up for Adoption?


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The easiest way to find spaniels available for adoption is to use a reputable pet adoption website, such as PetFinder.com, to search for adoptable spaniels in local shelters and rescues. Breed-specific rescues are also a good source, which you can find through the American Kennel Club Rescue Network or national and regional breed clubs.

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The term "spaniel" can refer to many different breeds with considerable variations in appearance, temperament and size. Decide which type of spaniel you want before you begin your search, especially if you prefer to work with a breed rescue. Some shelters may also use "spaniel mix" as a general description for some mixed breed dogs.

PetFinder.com allows you to set up an ongoing search which automatically alerts you when a dog fitting your criteria is listed. This can help you locate dogs more quickly, since purebred dogs are often adopted soon after they become available. If you work with a breed rescue, ask the group if they are willing to contact you if they get a suitable dog.

Once you have located a suitable dog, be prepared for a thorough screening process. Most shelters require you to meet the dog, go through an interview with a shelter worker and provide proof of your identity and that you either own your home or your landlord allows pets. Breed rescues are often more thorough and may require a home visit or other measures to ensure you can properly care for the dog.

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