What Are Some Sources for Free Puppies in Indianapolis?

What Are Some Sources for Free Puppies in Indianapolis?

Free puppies in Indianapolis, Indiana, are typically given away from homes where a dog has given birth to a litter. These puppies are often advertised on classified ad websites such as Craigslist and ClassifiedAds.com. Additionally, overburdened pet shelters may sometimes waive the adoption fee for a puppy in order to reduce overcrowding.

Generally, puppies are more likely to be given away for free than middle-age dogs; the previous owner of the latter often pays substantial upkeep costs while caring for the animal and usually asks for a re-homing or adoption fee to compensate for this. Most pet shelters also ask for an adoption fee in order to fund the organization's day-to-day operations.

Aside from adoption fees, the costs of adopting a free puppy often include veterinary visits for shots and spaying or neutering as age-appropriate. Purchasing toys, bedding, leashes and collars also add to the expense for pet ownership.

Older dogs are often advertised as free provided the previous owner feels the new owner can provide a nurturing environment in the animal's twilight years. The owner may require a meeting or interview process.

An owner must sometimes give up a dog for adoption due to relocation to a living situation that doesn't allow pets. Additionally, an owner simply may not have enough time to care for the pet appropriately.