What Are Some Sources for Papillons for Adoption?


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Some sources for papillon adoption include the papillon rescue groups Papillon Haven Rescue and Pap 911 Rescue as well as standard animal shelters. Prospective owners can search for papillon dogs in standard animal shelters through sites such as Petfinder.

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Papillon Haven Rescue, which is located throughout the United States, offers numerous papillons for adoption in each region. This rescue organization provides needed veterinary care and screens all prospective owners before allowing dogs to be adopted in order to ensure each dog finds its match in a home. The Papillon Haven Rescue is run entirely by volunteers.

Standard animal shelters do not always have papillons available, as they do not specialize in any one breed and take in all different kinds of dog breeds. These shelters often list their available dogs on websites such as Petfinder or AdoptAPet.

The papillon is a toy spaniel that is recognized by the American Kennel Club. The breed is known for its intelligence and its activity level, which is quite high for a toy breed. Despite their abundant energy, these dogs are well suited to apartment living though they hate to be left alone for long. They are loving dogs and do well with other dogs as well as strangers.

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