What Sounds Do Whitetail Deer Make?

Some sounds that whitetail deer make include bleats, grunts, rattling noises, and loud exhalations and inhalations. Whitetail deer are particularly vocal when they are looking to mate, using a variety of bleats, clicks and grunts to indicate their readiness.

Whitetail deer vocalize to initiate contact, drive off competitors or express alarm. They also produce percussive noises. Deer stamp their hooves in the presence of predators, and battling males produce a distinct rattle when their antlers collide. Most whitetail deer vocalizations are grunts or bleats, but aggressive males snort to challenge other males. Very young deer are known to mew or whine. Male deer looking for sexually ready females perform a Flehman sniff, a loud low inhalation, when presented with deer urine.