What Sound Does a Walrus Make?

sound-walrus-make Credit: Andy Rouse/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Walruses are very loud and vocal animals that make an extraordinary range of sounds, including barks, moans, screams, whoops, wails, bellows, growls, snorts, sniffles and knocking sounds. Male walruses also sing complex and lengthy songs during breeding season.

Walruses produce sounds both above and below water. Their songs rival that of humpback whales, a species known for their vocal complexity. In the wild, their songs can be heard from up to 10 miles away. In captivity, they can be trained to produce new sounds.

Walruses are very social creatures, and they use sound as a way to communicate with other walruses. Researchers suggest that they might use more structures to create sound than any other mammal. These structures include the larynx, muzzle and pharyngeal sacs, which are like a second set of lungs.