How Soon After Spaying Is It Safe to Give a Female Dog a Bath?

soon-after-spaying-safe-give-female-dog-bath Credit: Kathy Doucette/CC-BY-2.0

Dogs should not have baths for 10 days after spaying according to the ASPCA. The Daily Puppy recommends that the best methods to keep the incision clean are to provide clean towels and blankets and to keep the dog inside.

After the spaying procedure, The Daily Puppy recommends that dogs need a clean, dry place to recover; while they can go outside to eliminate waste, they need to be taken back inside as soon as possible to prevent dirt or excess moisture from getting around the incision area. The site also advises that owners should try to prevent the dog from licking the incision area so that it does not become wet. The Daily Puppy recommends using an Elizabethan collar to prevent licking or biting.