How Does the Sonoran Desert Toad Find Its Food?


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The Sonoran Desert toad finds food while sitting out in the open basking in the sun or by digging in the dirt and sand in the desert. The Sonoran Desert toad has a diverse diet that includes large spiders, worms, insects, small lizards, other toads and even small mice.

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The Sonoran Desert toad is indigenous to the southwestern United States desert areas. These toads can also be found in the grasslands, woodlands and tropical forest in Mexico. They find their prey wherever they can and are quick to devour anything moving, as their appetite is voracious.

Because of their strong legs, the toads are able to dig in dirt and sand to locate food. The Sonoran Desert toad also has the power to move very quickly through the desert to either catch prey or avoid being caught.

The toad's tongue is attached at the front of the mouth and is covered in a sticky substance to help reel in food. Once it reaches the mouth, the prey is trapped there until the toad digests it. If the prey is too big to swallow, the toad may carry the prey around until parts of it can be digested a little at a time.

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