How Does Someone Adopt a Dachshund Puppy?


Anyone interested in adopting a dachshund puppy may adopt from a local animal shelter or from a rescue organization. Dedicated dachshund rescue groups are also a good option to adopt a puppy.

Local animal shelters and rescue group facilities are home to a number of dog breeds, including dachshund dog and puppies. To check whether a nearby shelter or rescue group houses the breed, visit the website of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and use the site's search tool to look for adoptable dachshund puppies within your vicinity. Many local shelters and groups also advertise adoptable dogs on pet adoption websites, such as Adopt a Pet and Pet Finder. Both adoption websites post information about the puppies and dogs, including their age, breed and history.

Adopting a dachshund puppy from a shelter or a rescue group is not free. Animal shelters may ask for a minimal donation fee with the option to pay for the neutering of the puppy or dog. Adopting from a rescue group may cost more because they spend more time and resources to look after the healthy of their dogs. Since animal shelters need to make space for new dogs, adopting a puppy from them is usually easier and faster. Rescue groups, on the other hand, may schedule a home visit and ask for references to make sure that the interested party is fit to adopt.