What Are Some Solutions to the Problem of a Barking Dog?


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Remove the motivation for a dog to bark to stop the problem. If it is barking at people outside the house, close the curtains. The process requires patience and persistence, but it is possible to teach dogs of all ages to bark only when the response is appropriate.

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What Are Some Solutions to the Problem of a Barking Dog?
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Some dogs bark for the reward of their owner's attention. Ignoring this behavior is the best way to stop this type of behavior. When owners yell at their dog for barking, the dog sees him as joining in the barking behavior, which reinforces the negative behavior. Instead, he should offer praise when the barking stops, even if it is only because the dog is out of breath.

Pet owners often successfully stop their dogs from barking on command by first teaching them to speak. Once the dog learns the behavior, the next step is to teach the quiet command. Use treats to reinforce the behavior the pet is learning.

Breaking a dog that has developed a barking habit requires patience. At times, it may seem as if the pet is regressing. Each member of the family must react in the same way. Some pet owners find a sharp noise distracts the pet to stop the barking. However, it is essential to keep pet training positive, reinforcing the desired behaviors.

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