What Does a Society Finch Look Like?


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A society finch is a small bird with a short beak, a long tail and dull-colored feathers. The most common type of color pattern is chocolate, a dark brown pattern with areas of black, a two-toned brown and gray beak and an off-white belly.

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White spotting is very common, with the second most common color pattern being mottled pied. Mottled pied birds have random pure white feathers strewn among the normal chocolate coloration. Other colors include fawn, chestnut, white, gray and pearl. Some society finches are bred to have tall feathers on top of their heads; these birds are described as crested. Others are bred to have frills on various parts of the body, such as the neck and chest. Male and female society finches have identical coloration and do not differ in size.

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