How Do You Socialize a Dog?


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To socialize a dog, train the dog to behave calmly in public and around other people. Introduce the dog to friends who have dogs, and then introduce your dog to other dogs. Fully socializing a dog takes several months.

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  1. Train the dog to behave calmly

    Bring your dog's favorite treats on walks, and reward it for remaining calm when other dogs or people pass. If your dog barks at other animals during walks, immediately walk the dog away from the source of excitement. Sit the dog down quietly until it calms.

  2. Introduce the dog to your friends

    Once your dog is able to remain calm around other people, invite dog-owners to your home to bond with your dog. Allow the dog-owners to pet your dog, brush its coat and play catch in the yard.

  3. Introduce your dog to other dogs

    Invite the dog-owners to bring their dogs into your home. Allow one dog to visit at a time. Introduce the two dogs using leashes, and allow the animals to sniff and observe each other. If the dogs show signs of relaxation and wag their tails, allow the dogs to play. Continue introducing your dog to other dogs until it socializes naturally.

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