Where Do Snowy Owls Live?

snowy-owls-live Credit: Donald A Higgs/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Snowy owls live in polar regions, and they breed in Canada, coastal Alaska and Greenland. In winter, they may be found as far south as Oklahoma, central California and northern Alabama. They are also found in Scandinavia and Siberia.

The most favorable living region during winter is the Great Plains because the tundra is very similar to its natural breeding territory. Snowy owls may live in cities, on sand dunes or in marshes. Snowy owls are carnivorous and store food on perches. To hunt, it perches on trees to watch for prey, swiveling its head to see the prey behind it without actually moving the body. Snowy owls hunt rabbits, lemmings, seabirds and fish.