Do Snapping Turtles Bite?

snapping-turtles-bite Credit: Andrew McLachlan/All Canada Photos/Getty Images

Snapping turtles bite. They are bad-tempered and should only be handled by experts. The common snapper can grow to 18 inches long and weighs between 25 and 35 pounds. Its cousin, the alligator snapper, can be nearly 3 feet long and weighs up to 150 pounds.

Common snapping turtles spend most of their time in water, preferring water that is quiet and muddy. They eat fish and sometimes waterfowl.

The alligator snapper spends all of its time in water. It lies on the bottom with its mouth open and uses its tongue as a lure for fish and other prey. A bite from this turtle can cause serious injury. Alligator snappers can live a century or longer.