When Do Snakes Shed Their Skin?


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Snakes shed their skin around once a month and follow a regular basis of shedding skin, which is necessary for optimal growth. The shedding process and timing is dependent upon good nutrition and proper humidity.

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When Do Snakes Shed Their Skin?
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Snakes must be kept in a home that provides them with proper nutrition and with proper humidity so that shedding can take place on a regular basis. Snakes will not shed properly if they are handled too much, have undergone trauma, have skin bacteria or are malnourished. Snakes must also shed their eye caps during shedding. If they do not, then they need to be taken to the veterinarian so that the eye caps can be removed. If a snake owner tries to remove the eye caps without the proper handling technique (taught by a veterinarian), there is a risk of permanent damage to the snake's corneas..

If a snake is having an incomplete shed, there are several ways that an owner can help it get a full shed. The first is to soak the snake. A snake should not be left alone while it is soaking and the owner should make sure that the container is not too deep that it would allow the snake to drown. The snake can also be placed beneath layers of damp towels.

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