Do Snakes Live in Holes?

Some snakes live in holes, while others reside in underground burrows. Snakes may create their own dwellings, called burrows, while others inhabit holes created by other animals. Some snakes meander through holes underground while traveling, and others use them on a part-time or year-round basis.

Snakes inhabit a variety of locations, including forests, deserts, wetlands, lakes, mountains and even urban areas. Over 250 species of snakes exist in the world, although the highest concentrations appear in tropical regions. Snakes live in many environments, including watery environments and hot deserts.

Snakes hibernate during the colder months of winter and reemerge in the spring. They stay underground for various periods of time. Some species live in their underground homes nearly year-round, venturing out only to find food and sun themselves, while others seek shelter only during the winter. In addition to finding homes in burrows and holes, snakes may seek shelter under rocks or in hillside crevices.

Although snakes sometimes create their own living spaces, they may inhabit homes once used by small mammals, such as rodents. During the day, snakes leave to absorb sunlight, which helps regulate their body temperatures. They may forage for food too, and travel along the ground, climb trees and even swim through water to do so.