How Do Snakes Help Humans?

Snakes help humans because they keep the ecosystem balanced by preying on rodents, insects and other pests. Snake venom can also be extracted and used medicinally to treat some cancers and other serious conditions.

In addition to providing food to some animal species as prey, such as eagles, snakes are also predators of rodents and insects. Since rodents and insects can carry diseases, cause damage to houses and buildings and ruin farming land and crops, it is highly beneficial to humans for snakes to be around. Snakes eat rodents and insects, keeping their populations low and balanced. This prevents humans from having to resort to potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides to keep those pests at bay. While there are other predators of rodents and insects, snakes are better capable than other large animals of slithering into small, tight areas where these species tend to live.

Snake venom can be extracted by professionals and used to produce medicinal treatments for certain diseases. Cancers, heart disease, the effects of strokes and Parkinson's disease have been known to be beneficially treated by snake venom. It is also documented that snake venom can help with autoimmune disorders and pain associated with other illnesses, according to National Geographic.