What Do Snails Eat and Drink?

Jonas Löwgren/CC-BY-2.0

A snail’s diet varies according to its natural habitat. A land snail is usually herbivorous and feeds on a variety of vegetables, fruits and soft barks. Other species of snails, such as the wolf snail, are carnivores and may even eat herbivorous snails. Snails, like other living things, need water to survive but can do with just a little amount of water.

The diet and feeding behavior of land snails greatly depend on how hungry they are. Roman snails or edible snails are exclusively plant eaters, though they prefer limp foods to fresh green ones. They crawl very slowly and often eat their food in an unhurried manner when they are in direct contact with it. Brown garden snails, however, are faster and more agile than Roman snails. They can crawl throughout their terrarium to find food. They are not picky eaters, and nearly everything, from vegetables to flowers, can be consumed. Snails kept as pets should be given a shallow bowl of water, where they can drink and bathe.

Land snails tend to keep company as they eat. Several brown garden snails can feed on a soft bark or a piece of vegetable, even if other food sources are available. This often causes problems when a large number of garden snails are released in a garden or a farm, as they can feed on cultivated plants and can become serious pests.