What Do Small Frogs Eat?

What Do Small Frogs Eat?

Small frogs eat small insects, such as crickets, grasshoppers, beetles and ants. They require more frequent feeding than their larger cousins, with most requiring feeding on a daily basis or at least several times per week.

Frogs in general are not overly picky about their diet. There are two main types of eaters, divided by their hunting style. Tree frogs and other primarily amphibious frogs are active hunters that stalk their prey as predators. These frogs much prefer to catch their food and should have live prey whenever possible. Frogs that live primarily on land are fond of using camouflage to hide themselves where prey is likely to come by. They wait for their unsuspecting dinner, then shoot out a sticky tongue to pull in their food.

Both live and dead insects are available from local pet supply stores. They usually carry crickets and meal worms, among other choices. Frog owners may also catch their own pet food, such as small beetles and grasshoppers. If the food is too large, however, the frog may not attempt to eat it.

Frogs kept in water are extremely sensitive to movement around them. These frogs are unlikely to enjoy dead food, preferring to hunt it themselves.

Frogs that are nocturnal are most likely to be hungry in the evening, when they wake up, while those who are out during the day can be fed almost any time.