What Are Some Small Dogs That Don't Shed?


The All Small Dog Breeds website explains that there are several small dogs that do not shed, including the Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle, Shih Tzu, Miniature Schnauzer, Maltese, Havanese, West Highland White Terrier, Bichon Frise, Cairn Terrier, Chinese Crested, Brussels Griffon and Border Terrier. Other breeds include the Silky Terrier, Norwich Terrier, Cesky Terrier, Norfolk Terrier, Australian Terrier, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, Bedlington Terrier, Affenpinscher, Lowchen and Puli.

There is no guarantee that any dog breed does not shed at all, but all of these dogs have wiry or nonexistent hair, which leads to minimal shedding. These breeds are perfect for people who have allergies because minimal shedding means less dander and allergens in the air. They are also great for people who don't have time to spare for vacuuming the house every day. These select canines shed less fur than a human sheds hair.

When choosing between these breeds, it is crucial to consider all aspects of the breed and not just the shedding factor. Research the energy level of the dog, the difficulty level of training that specific breed, any common health problems that the breed may have and whether the breed is good with other pets and children. Knowing all of these details about the different breeds helps people determine which breeds are the best fits for their families.