What do skunks like to eat?


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Skunks eat a widely varied diet that usually consists of an equal amount of animal and plant matter during autumn and winter. During spring and summer, skunks tend to eat less plants and more insects, especially grasshoppers, worms, crickets, ants, bees and beetles.

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Skunks are generally not picky eaters, meaning that they eat most anything they can find, including worms, small birds, mice, frogs, eggs, squirrels and snakes. When food is less abundant during the winter, they sometimes go after larger prey, such as rabbits and other small mammals. Skunks are also known to dig holes in the ground to look for worms, grubs, larvae and other insects. They wade in lakes and streams in search of fish, snails and crayfish.

Along with consuming meat from animals, skunks enjoy eating most any type of fruit or berry, nuts, grasses and seeds. They are often attracted to birdfeeders and eat any seeds the birds may drop. Skunks are known to eat crops out of gardens and farms. They are especially fond of eating any ears of corn within their reach. In addition, skunks are often attracted to garbage and pet food, sometimes leading to unfortunate confrontations with people and their pets.

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