How Do You Know If There Is a Skunk Under Your Deck?

Signs that a skunk is living under a deck, other than a bad odor, include skunk tracks, bits of fur and feces around entrance holes. Skunks scent mark their territories, and their smell is very noticeable and constant if a skunk has taken up permanent residency in that area. Other signs that skunks are living nearby include holes or torn sod in the yard from foraging for insects and grubs.

If a skunk is found to be living under a deck or other structure, it is recommended that it be removed as soon as possible and any potential access points blocked off. Besides being destructive to yards and gardens, the direct spray of a skunk can cause potentially serious health issues. Skunks have also been known to carry diseases that are harmful to pets and humans. Skunks can also cause problems for poultry owners as they frequently steal eggs and can kill chicks and adult birds.

Skunks can be discouraged from an area by securing all food sources and blocking any potential den sites. Pet, poultry feed and food scraps should be kept secure and not left outdoors. Pest control companies can assist with trapping and removing the skunk from the property.