What Does a Skink Lizard Eat?

skink-lizard-eat Credit: R. Andrew Odum/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The skink lizard is always on the lookout for a meal, and they mainly eat insects. Crickets, beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, spiders, slugs, snails, earthworms, small mice and even other lizards are all on the menu for the skink lizard.

One of the skink lizard's favorite places to find its meals is in dead trees. They often climb dead trees in search of insect snacks.

The skink lizard faces several predators in its native habitat, including the red fox, snake, hawk, raccoon and opossum.

Skink lizards can grow up to 8 inches in length and are characterized by their striped coloring, which fades as they age. Young skink lizards have a bright blue tail, although the tails of most male skink lizards fade to a brown color and the female's tail turns bluish-gray with aging.