What Is the Size of a Great Dane Dog?

Great Danes are one of the largest breeds of dog, standing at a minimum 30 inches at the shoulder for males and 28 inches for females. According to Dane Rescue, the average weight of this breed is 135 pounds, but it can be upwards of 150 pounds.

Part of the American Kennel Club's Working Group, these dogs were bred to guard the homes and estates of nobility. Despite their daunting appearance, Great Danes are known for their gentle, calm disposition and do best when they are close to their family versus being kenneled or secluded.

These "gentle giants" have short coats that require minimal grooming. Although Danes are generally subdued, they do require daily exercise and attention. Great Danes come in a rainbow of colors, from tan to brindle to "harlequin" or a white body with torn black splotches throughout. Due to their giant size, Great Danes have a life expectancy of only 7 to 10 years.