What Is a Silvertip Tetra?


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The silvertip tetra, or Hasemania nana, is a freshwater fish with a yellow-brown body, white-tipped fins and a horizontal black line running from the midpoint of its body to its tail. Unlike most other tetra species, this fish does not have an adipose fin, which is a fin between the dorsal and caudal fin. The silvertip tetra is native to Brazil's Rio Francisco basin and Rio Purus tributaries.

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The male silvertip tetra has a deeper coppery sheen than the nearly silver female. These midlevel dwellers are peaceful when kept in schools of six or more, but they tend to nip the fins of their tank mates when kept in smaller schools. Adults seldom grow longer than 2 inches. Silvertip tetras are easy to care for and require a minimum tank capacity of 20 gallons. Ideal water conditions for them are a pH level of between 6.8 and 7.5, a water temperature of 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit and water hardness to 20 degrees of general hardness (dGH). Adding driftwood to the tank leaches tannins into the water and helps create the ideal water conditions for these fish. Silvertip tetras are omnivores and accept a variety of foods, including flake, frozen, freeze-dried and live foods. Providing a meaty diet conditions them for breeding.

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