What Does a Silver Dapple Dachshund Look Like?


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Silver dapple dachshunds have patches of silver colored fur on a black colored coat. Silver dapple dachshunds are also called black and tan dappled dachshunds, as the color of the dapples is actually tan though it looks silvery in contrast with the black hair.

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Silver dapple is a color variation found in the coat pattern of dachshunds. Other than their specific coat colors, silver dapple dachshunds look like any other dachshund. Their elongated bodies are supported by strong, short legs. They have a long muzzle and long head with protruding eyebrows, almond-shaped eyes and drooping ears. Their coat can be short-haired, wire-haired or long-haired and is shiny.

The silver dapple pattern can present itself as spots or splotches and can cover the whole coat or appear only in some areas of it. Even one dapple spot is enough to classify the dog as a dapple. If the dappling is present in the face area of the dog it might affect the eyes, making one or both of them blue speckled or entirely blue.

The dachshund dapple pattern is visually the same as the marbled appearance that is called “merle” in other breeds. Sometimes the dapple pattern is only visible when the dog is a puppy and fades as the dog grows up. These dogs are still called dapple even though they don't look different from solid colored ones because their puppies will inherit the dapple pattern.

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