How Do You Find Silkie Bantams for Sale?

How Do You Find Silkie Bantams for Sale?

Silkie bantams are available for sale at and Murray McMurray Hatchery offers bearded and non-bearded varieties of silkie bantams. hosts resources and information about a variety of chicken breeds, egg laying and production, care, and nests and housing. The company does not ship outside the United States.

Cackle Hatchery offers silkie bantams in white, black, blue, buff and splash colors. Visitors to can access a photo gallery and videos of available types. Silkie bantams are sold in quantities of five, 10, 15 and 25 chicks. The site hosts a variety of specials such as bargain assortments and small order specials.

Cackle Hatchery features more than 193 varieties of poultry that the company ships from its Missouri location. The company’s breeding farm selectively breeds its own stock and eggs.

Silkie bantams, which have excellent cold tolerance, are extremely likely to sit on eggs and produce eggs that are small and white. They have striking white plumage and walnut-colored combs. Males have a mature weight of 2.5 pounds and females 2 pounds.

Bantam silkies, which have soft, downy feathers, are one of the most popular breeds at poultry shows. They are gentle, kid-friendly and make good pets. Silkies are also good sitters and attentive mothers and are often used to raise chicks of another breed.