What Are the Signs of Urinary Infection in Dogs?


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One common sign of a urinary tract infection in dogs is a sudden increase in urination, according to Frontier Veterinary Hospital. The dog often only passes small amounts of urine each time.

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What Are the Signs of Urinary Infection in Dogs?
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Dogs may also try to urinate but be unable to pass anything, reports WebMD. Other dogs may dribble urine even when they are not trying to pass urine. Dogs may also appear to strain when urinating, or they may whimper or cry out in pain during urination.

Housetrained dogs may appear to forget their training and urinate in inappropriate places, according to Vetstreet. Dogs with urinary tract infections may also suddenly start licking or grooming their genitals frequently in an effort to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

Cloudy or bloody urine is another sign of urinary tract infections, but this may be difficult to see in normal situations, according to Vetstreet. There may be a fever present in the dog, and the dog may also exhibit signs of back pain. Increased water consumption, lethargy and vomiting may also be present in dogs with urinary infections.

Dogs with urinary tract infections need veterinary treatment, reports WebMD. Urinary tract infections usually clear up easily with antibiotics or other medications, but in some cases they may require surgical treatment to remove bladder stones or tumors. Untreated infections can cause life-threatening kidney problems, and untreated stones can block the urethra and cause the bladder to rupture.

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