What Are the Signs of Ticks on a Dog?


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Signs of ticks on dogs include the dog scratching and bumps on the dog. If these symptoms are noticed, the dog should be thoroughly checked for ticks. Ticks can vary in size, and they can be either black or brown.

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Even if preventative measures are taken, dogs can get ticks. Any time a dog has spent time outside in a wooded area, it is a good idea to check for ticks. When checking for ticks, look over all of the dog's body, including under the forelegs and between the toes. Examine bumps closely to make sure they are not ticks. If a tick is found, use tweezers to remove the tick by pulling the tick straight out. Make sure the head is not still in the dog. After removing a tick, put the tick into a container with isopropyl alcohol. Keep the tick for a while in case your dog shows symptoms of a tick-related disease.

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