What Are Some Signs of a Sick Bearded Dragon?


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The signs of sickness in a bearded dragon include it having irregular defecation, wrinkled skin, lack of appetite or energy, unusual eye problems and paralysis, according to TheBeardedDragon.org. Malnutrition issues can cause swelling, lack of energy, muscle twitches or tremors. Other signs of diseases are bumps in the legs or along the vertical column of the back and tail, a swollen jaw, jerky motions, a yellow-white substance around the mouth and breathing difficulties.

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If the bearded dragon has difficulty using the bathroom, it may be cold, have a minor blockage, or a small case of intestinal parasites, in which case, the dragon should be bathed in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes, gently massaging the stomach, explains TheBeardedDragon.org. If it is diarrheic, it should be able to recover on its own, but if the condition is persistent, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

Dehydration can be an issue for a bearded dragon, notes TheBeardedDragon.org. If the dragon shows signs of dehydration, the owner should try to coax it into drinking fresh water, but if that doesn't work, the owner may need to use an eyedropper. If a bearded dragon's eyes are droopy, swollen or puffed out, it may have kidney issues, a malicious parasite, a vitamin A overdose or an infection, and it is important to consult a vet. In some cases, the eyes may appear abnormal when a dragon is simply shedding.

A bearded dragon may become paralyzed temporarily if it eats food that is too large, states TheBeardedDragon.org. This puts pressure on its spinal cord while it is digesting. Keeping the dragon off its stomach helps to relieve this pressure, but it is still necessary to call a veterinarian immediately.

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