What Are Some Signs That a Pet Might Be Sick?

Some signs that a pet, such as a dog or cat, is sick are lethargy, loss of appetite, changes in mood, vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, coughing and urination problems, notes WebMD. Some other symptoms to look out for are lumps, difficulty walking or limping, bald patches, bad breath and changes in weight. Some symptoms that require immediate veterinary attention are extreme diarrhea, vomiting and urination difficulty, states the American Humane Association.

Although dogs or cats can vomit or have diarrhea occasionally, it is a sign of a health problem if these symptoms occur several times a day and are accompanied by lethargic behavior and loss of appetite. If the vomit contain contains blood, this can be a sign of either a gastric ulcer or that the pet swallowed an object, as noted by WebMD. Diarrhea can be an indication of different diseases, such as parasitic infections.

An increase or decrease in either urination and thirst can also be worrisome symptoms of different disease. An increase in urination or thirst may be a sign of diabetes, while a pet that is urinating less may have a urinary problem.

In felines, some symptoms which can indicate a health issue are breath that smells like ammonia, weight loss and grooming changes, notes Pet Health Network. Kidney disease may be the cause of ammonia breath, and weight loss can be a sign of a thyroid problem. Changes in grooming or bald spots can be related to a flea infestation. In dogs, bald spots or excessive scratching can also be due to fleas or mange mites.